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Service User Confidentiality Training

Service User Confidentiality Overview

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) define confidentiality as the right of individuals to keep information about themselves from being disclosed. (HIQA, 2012:141). These rights are outlined in the Data Protection Acts. Service Providers must respect these rights, therefore a Service User’s information must not be shared without their consent. However, there are exceptions to this and the Data Protection Acts outline the circumstances under which a Service User’s information can be shared without their consent.

The aim of this training is to explore how Service User Confidentiality is addressed in legislation, frameworks, policy and practice. By the end of the course you will be able to:

Service User Confidentiality Training Content

Content is delivered through Moodle - a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) software system and is delivered as a series of multimedia based learning modules over five sessions.

You will need a computer or laptop with internet access, and basic computer skills. The training is approximately 90 minutes long. However, as the training is modular based, users can complete the training on a module by module basis.

The course is comprised of the following five modules:


Further information and registration

To register for the Service User Confidentiality training please email

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