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Tips for drinking less

Going out tonight? Here are some tips on how you can drink less.

Home measures

Home measures tend to be a lot larger than pub ones. If you are offered a drink when visiting someone, try a bottle or a can instead of a short. It is easier to watch what you are having. 

Know your limits

If you are honest, you know the point where you start to lose control, or behave differently because of alcohol. Your main target should be not to have more than this.

Too much

Low risk weekly drinking limits are less than 11 standard drinks (approximately 110g of alcohol) a week for women and less than 17 (approximately 170g of alcohol) for men. Spread out your drinking over the week with some alcohol-free days. Binge drinking – 6 or more drinks at a time. You are at greater risk of problems now (such as arguments, doing things you regret or accidents) and health problems in the future if you regularly binge drink.

Too fast

If you drink fast you get drunk and lose control more quickly. Drinking quickly puts a strain on your liver and body and it can be a warning sign of a drink problem developing. Try making every second drink a non-alcoholic one.

Be Ready

If anyone tries to push you into drinking, be prepared. People respect your decisions more when you’re honest, but in the early days it might help to have a few excuses such as “I’m driving home”, “I’ve a match in the morning” or “doctor’s orders”.

Key to Success

Have other things to do that don’t involve alcohol such as family time, hobbies, a course, or work. The less time you have for heavy drinking, the better your chances of success in the long run.

Keep a drink diary

Write down how much, when, and where you drink -  and any unwanted results. Do this for a week or two, and then see what you need to change.
Download our Drink Diary to help you. 

Reap the Rewards

Reward your hard work by buying something from the money saved on drink. Relish the freedom from hangovers and regrets. If you feel yourself slipping, remind yourself why you are cutting down, and of what you have achieved so far.

Useful resource booklet

Less is More: A Guide to Rethinking Your Drinking
HSE Health Promotion Unit, June 2008
Thinking of cutting down? Need some help? This booklet is for you.

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The HSE and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) ask students to think about drug safety measures when using club drugs
Harm reduction messages from the #SaferStudentNights campaign.
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