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Overdose Information

A drug overdose is when you have too much of a drug for your body to handle. 

Knowing the signs of drug overdose and getting medical help could save a life.

Things that can affect your experience and wellbeing include:

Causes of a drug overdose or emergency

All drug use has risks. It is safer not to use drugs at all, but there are many things that can increase your risk of a drug overdose.

Overdose signs

The signs of overdose may look different if it is a stimulant (cocaine, MDMA) overdose or if it's a depressant (Benzodiazepines,opioids, GHB) overdose. 

Signs of a stimulant overdose: hot flushed or sweaty skin, headache, chest pain, muscle pain, rigid muscles or tremors, paranoia or anxiety, confusion, chest pain, fast speech or difficulty breathing. 

Signs of a depressant overdose: slowed breathing/difficulty breathing, vomiting, limp body, pale/clammy face, blue or grey lips or fingernails, slow pulse, loss of consciousness. 

What to do in a drug overdose or emergency

Don’t be afraid to get help if someone is unwell or feels suicidal after using drugs. You won’t get in trouble.

In a drug emergency:


Get overdose resources on our site here

Get harm reduction information here


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The HSE and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) ask students to think about drug safety measures when using club drugs
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