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Quality Champions Training

Quality Champions Training

The overall aim of the Quality Champions Training is to provide key persons in organisations with the skills to become a quality champion in their service.

Training is delivered through an interactive eLearning platform. After completing the training, participants should be able to:


Quality Champions Training Content

Content is delivered through Moodle - a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) software system and is delivered as a series of multimedia based learning modules over five sessions.

You will need a computer or laptop with internet access, and basic computer skills. The training is the equivalent of approximately a half day training. However, as the training is modular based, users can complete the training on a module by module basis.

The course is comprised of the following five sessions, each containing a series of specific learning modules:

Session 1: Introduction to Quality

  1. The aim of the training
  2. QuADS - Quality in Alcohol and Drug Services
  3. The importance of quality
  4. Barriers to change
  5. Introduction to policy - basics
  6. Introduction to policy - service user confidentiality policy
  7. Introduction to policy - quality assurance policy
  8. Session 1 assessment

Session 2: Organisation Review and Mapping

  1. Review and assess
  2. Obligations
  3. Essential and important policies
  4. Identifying the gaps
  5. Session 2 assessment

Session 3: Consultation 

  1. Role and responsibility of the stakeholder
  2. Consultation part one
  3. Consultation part two
  4. Session 3 assessment

Session 4: Policy Writing

  1. Components of a policy
  2. Researching a policy
  3. Adapting a policy
  4. Writing a policy
  5. Session 4 assessment

Session 5: Implementation and Policy Review

  1. Pre-implementation
  2. Policy implementation strategy
  3. Indicators, barriers and monitoring
  4. Reviewing a policy
  5. Session 5 assessment



"I enjoyed the training.  I learned a lot about quality standards in my organisation and how policies are an integral part of providing good quality services to our clients"

"Overall I thought the training was excellent. It was very professional, informative and well thought out. Going into it the training quite blind around policy, I found the sequence of modules and pace of the training matched my level of understanding quite well "

"The resource materials printed at the start of the training and referred to, during it, were very helpful and I have used the templates already in another area of work, which is a bonus! The training itself was very logical in its layout and approach and easy to follow"


Further information and registration

If you would like to sign up for Quality Champions Training please email a request to


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