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Alcohol use Balance Sheet

An alcohol balance sheet to help you weigh up the effects of continuing drinking as you are, cutting down or stopping drinking entirely.

Download our Alcohol Use Balance Sheet HERE

Example Balance Sheet
  Continuing my present alcohol use pattern Reducing or stopping my alcohol use
  • Helps me relax after work
  • I unwind and forget about the day
  • Enjoy myself more at parties and with friends
  • I wouldn’t be so tired
  • I would remember things better
  • My relationship with my partner would be happier and he/she would not get angry with me
  • I would concentrate better at work
  • I wouldn’t miss work so much
  • Affects my memory
  • Affects my concentration
  • I feel hazy and tired after a big night
  • I sometimes miss work after a big night
  • My partner isn’t happy about it and we argue about it
  • It would be hard to relax after work
  • I wouldn’t enjoy myself so much at parties
  • My friends might laugh at me


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