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Rachael’s Story Part 2: My Way Back

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Rachael's Story Part 2: My Way Back

A year ago, Rachael Keogh's heroin addiction had left her broke, homeless and desperate for help. Now clean, she is writing a book, studying at university and preparing for pregnancy. Sky News Documentary. Follow up to the previous documentary, "My Heroin Hell". Some may find the images disturbing.

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#1. Posted by janet robinson on September 15, 2010

I really dont no what 2 say but well done Racheal, im a recovering addict mysekf I was 2trs clean july gone and it was so hard, things have happened me terrible things that i will never 4get and friends of mine I am delighted you have done this especally going to tat school because kids growing up these days havn’t a chance the way the world is. Luckly for me im only 23 but i have a 5yr old daughter that is my life. Its great to hear storys like yours. WELL DONE!!!





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