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Hemporium customers vent anger at closure

A local head shop says “mass public hysteria” caused by the media is the reason for its closure and supporters have filled the window with messages of anger targeted at the government.

Hemporium, situated on Michael Street, has posted a notice on its shop front announcing its pending closure.

The statement reads, “Due to persistent negative media coverage in order to increase sales it has caused mass public hysteria forcing the government to take action and close a thriving Irish company. Hopefully in time with more public awareness it will be understood the value of what the Waterford Hemporium brought to this city.”

The notice has been surrounded with handwritten notes from staff, customers and supporters of the shop who are upset and angry at the closure. Messages left on the companies Facebook page have also been written onto paper and stuck onto the window.

One reads, “The Government have taken away our freedom of choice. It’s not fair.”

Another note reads, “We are not pro-drugs, we are prochoice”, while another says the presence of the head shop was keeping people away from drug dealers on the streets.


Source: Mary Ellen Breen, Waterford News & Star, 04/10/2010

Posted by Andy on 08/04 at 07:37 AM in Legal and illegal highs
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