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2018 Winners


After receiving close to 700 entries this year, the 2018 'Let's Talk about Drugs' National Youth Media Awards category winners and runners-up have been announced. A huge “Thank you” to all of the entrants for their hard work and creativity.

This year we are awarding the runners-up too and we are offering 6 special prizes selected by judges from the Honorary Mention list.


Thanks to the following guest judges: Stuart Clarke (Hotpress); Colin Clarke (Irish Second-Level Students’ Union); Eoin Corbett (; Andrew Rooney (Merchants Quay Ireland) and Cathy Keenan (Youth Representative).

Overall Winner 12-17-year-old category

The Overall Winner for 12-17-year-old category was Ryan Cramp Keeley, for his entry "See no evil" which was entered into the Video 12-14 Age Category.

Overall Winner 18-25-year-old category

The Overall Winner for the 18-25-year-old category was Taz Kelleher for her entry on Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs which was entered into the Poster 22-25 Age Category.


Age Category Winners, Runners-up & Honourable Mentions
See below for a list of winners, runners-up and honourable mentions!

Video/Animation Category Winners & Runners-up

12-14 Runner-up: Belfast Model School for Girls

15-17 Winning Entry: Youth Work Ireland, Cork

15-17 Runner-up: Mercy Secondary School, Ballymahon

18-21 Winning Entry: St. Colmcille’s Community School

22-25 Winning Entry: Correy McKinney, Belfast

Video Special Prizes

Video Honourable Mentions

12-14 Video Honourable Mention

15-17 Video Honourable Mention

22-25 Video Honourable Mention

Audio Category Winners & Runners-up

12-14 Winning Entry: The Hut Junior Crew, Cork

12-14 Runner-up: Saoirse Ng and Imelda Nic Ionais, Coláiste Chilliain, Dublin

15-17 Winning Entry: Tia Burke, Cross & Passion College Kilcullen, Kildare

15-17 Runner-up: Cavan Youthreach

18-21 Winning Entry: Niamh Ni Iceadha, DCU St. Patrick College, Blackrock

18-21 Runner-up: Daniel Sheehan, GMC Beats & Youth Work Ireland, Cork

22-25 Winner: RASP Laneview Learning Centre, Dublin

Audio Honourable Mentions

12-14 Audio Honourable Mention

15-17 Audio Honourable Mention

18-21 Audio Honourable Mention

Poster Winners & Runners-up

12-14 Winning Entry: Leah Kearns, Davitt College, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

12-14 Runner-up: Grace McConnell, Loreto College, Coleraine, Londonderry

15-17 Winning Entry: Emily Miller, St Leo’s College Carlow

15-17 Runner-up: Clondalkin Youth Service – Health & Wellbeing Group

18-21 Winning Entry: Georgina Picard, Dublin Institute of Technology

18-21 Runner-up: Tim Warren, Dublin

22-25 Winning Entry: Taz Kelleher, Dublin

22-25 Poster Runner-up: Marta Witkowska, Dublin Institute of Technology

Poster Special Prizes

Poster Honourable Mentions

12-14 Poster Honourable Mention

15-17 Poster Honourable Mention

18-21 Poster Honourable Mention

22-25 Poster Honourable Mention

Article Category Winners & Runners-up

12-14 Winning Entry: Cortney Collins, St Leo’s College Carlow

12-14 Runner-up: Emma Williamson, St Leo’s College Carlow

15-17 Winning Entry: Martin Maughan, Cavan Youthreach

15-17 Runner-up: Khawla Yousif, St. Leo’s College Carlow

18-21 Winning Entry: Shauna Finnegan, Athlone Institute of Technology

18-21 Runner-up: Eddy Lynch-Miller, Meanscoil Nua An Leith-Triuigh

22-25 Winning Entry: Ciara Margolis, Dublin

22-25 Runner-up: Killian Donnellan, Athlone Institute of Technology

Article Special Prize

Article Honourable Mentions

12-14 Article Honourable Mention

15-17 Article Honourable Mention

18-21 Article Honourable Mention

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