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Young Persons’ Support Programme Information Seminar

‘Young Persons’ Support Programme’ (YPSP) Information Seminar 

The Young Persons’ Support Programme’ (YPSP) is being delivered in Dublin by the National Family Support Network on Wednesday 25th July from 10:30am-1pm in the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, Green Street, Dublin 1.

The Young Persons’ Support Programme is designed to meet the needs of young people who are aged between 11 and 18 and who are living with a relative’s addiction problem. It is a ten module activity based programme that supports the development of vital life skills in young people living with problem drug or alcohol use in their homes. The YPSP is designed to emphasis the experiences of the young people themselves, and support them as they voice the stresses and difficulties that they face as a result of familial addiction and substance misuse. The National Family Support Network hope that by supporting the implementation of such a programme countrywide, many young people will get the care and support that they need during a difficult period in their lives. The programme is designed to be run as part of the work of a family resource centre or youth / or drug support project, but anyone interested in the programme may attend the seminar. A manual is provided to any organizations running the programme upon affiliation which outlines how to run the programme in a step-by-step manner.

This information seminar will allow attendees to hear from a variety of speakers and learn more about the programme. It will also offer the chance to participate in a group discussion on overcoming obstacles to effective youth work with young people affected by substance misuse in their families. For more info on the YPSP programme and a sample of the manual, please see here.

To RSVP contact: Conor Byrne, Development Officer, National Family Support Network.               


Phone: 01 898 0148

NB: Please book your place by Wednesday 18th July. Places on the seminar are limited, and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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