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How stigma can prevent drug users getting the help they need

A new campaign has been launched that seeks to fight the stigma that affects drug users.

Activists from the Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign have pointed out the this stigma can actually prevent addicts from seeking treatment.

The campaign includes a video featuring the words of drug users who explain how stigma can prevent them moving on with the lives.

The group is also pushing for the decriminalisation of drug use, saying that labeling addicted drug users as criminals is counter-productive given the government’s policy of treating addiction as a health issue.

Co-ordinator with Citywide Ann Quigley explains that stigma within society can also have an impact on whether drug addiction treatment actually works.

“There’s a direct connection with depression and anxiety and those kind of mental health issues which are probably linked to drug use anyway.”

A key part of the programme they’re on is about building up their sense of esteem, value and identity. A sense that you can achieve something, so it’s worth your while trying to deal with the drugs issue.

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Source: Rónán Duffy, The, 27/02/18 

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