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They’re being sold like sweets’ - gardaí arrest more people in Dublin for offences related to ‘Benz

Gardaí have arrested twice as many people in Dublin for offences related to 'Benzos' than the rest of the country, new figures show.

The psychoactive drugs, which also includes a number of 'Z' tablets, have caused serious issues in Dublin's north-inner city where according to local TD Maureen O'Sullivan they are being sold like "sweets" .

Since May of last year, there have been 189 incidents linked to Benzodiazepines recorded in the Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) with proceedings launched in 133 of these cases.

This compares to the 83 'benzos' related arrests and offences outside of the capital, with 51 cases commenced in these incidents.

The figures, released in response to a parliamentary question to Independent TD Maureen O'Sullivan, show there are twice as many arrests for possession of benzos in Dublin than the rest of the country.


Source: Robin Schiller, The Irish Independent, 12/01/18

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