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Teens ‘budgeting for cocaine for their debs’

Michael Guerin of addiction charity Cuan Mhuire said that ”kids going to debs are budgeting for cocaine”.

“They’re adding the cost in with the cost of their suits and dress,” said Mr Guerin. “I’ve been told this by five or six concerned parents and older siblings in rehab.

“Cocaine has become as much a part of the debs ritual as the dress, the suit, all the other trappings. It’s a very, very concerning trend.”

A recent report from the Health Research Board revealed a 50% surge in the number of people seeking treatment for cocaine — marking the largest annual increase in what has been a growing trend over the last seven years.

“That report only supports what professionals have been saying for the last two years — that cocaine is taking on a life of its own,” said Mr Guerin.

“We have clients who started using cocaine aged 13. They’re in their early 20s now, 21, 22, telling us that they took cocaine that young and it had a huge psychological effect.


Source: Liz Dunphy, Irish Examiner, 20th January 2020

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