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Foetal damage ‘is a hidden phenomenon in Ireland

Nothing had prepared foster father David Gerry for the two beautiful, but troubled, children he and his wife would devote their lives to bringing up.

David (67), from Victoria, Canada, and wife Grace (59), a counsellor from Laghey, Co Donegal, fostered a young girl and her brother in 1999 in Canada.

Almost immediately, the couple realised all was not well with the children, who it transpired had Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

"My wife was a social worker and she brought home this boy and girl to foster. We didn't know that they had FAS," Mr Gerry said.

"We thought it was because of the environments they'd been brought up in, as they'd been to six foster homes in 24 months.

"But someone mentioned FAS to us and explained that it was a brain condition.


Source: Laura Lynott,, 11/09/17 

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