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Even legal alcohol levels can impair driving, new series reveals

There are more than 2m cars on Irish roads, with many motorists spending two hours a day behind the wheel, clocking up on average of 15,000km a year.

In the series How’s Your Driving?, test drivers are put through their paces while “under the influence” in Garda-supervised and Road Safety Authority-controlled tests to gauge how alcohol and drugs affect driving abilities.

Kevin Geoghegan Moore, 22, a air steward, makes a potentially fatal driving decision in the test after drinking two pints and passing a Garda breathalyser test.

Presenter Simon Delaney said the test will demonstrate the lethal consequences of even legal amounts of alcohol.

“One of the biggest jaw-dropping moments for us all was during our drink-driving test when Kevin passed the Garda breathalyser on two pints, then went on to the track and went straight through a red light then reversed into a cardboard cut-out of a child,” said Mr Delaney.


Source: Lynne Kelleher, The Irish Examiner, 09/02/18 

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