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Crack cocaine is likely to become a problem here

Gardaí have said that last year there were a number of seizures of 'crack cocaine' in both Balbriggan and Blanchardstown but there is currently 'no evidence that it is becoming a significant problem in the area', but the Garda Superintendent believes at the current rate of growth in trade in the drug in the wider Dublin are, it is likely to become a problem in Fingal.

Cllr Paul Mulville (SD) put a question to local gardaí at the Fingal Joint Policing Committee, asking them to 'provide an update on the work they are engaging in to stem the growth in the use of crack-cocaine in the Fingal area'.

In response, gardaí issued a report stating: 'The Drug and Organised Crime Bureau, Customs and District Drug Units liaise regularly on intelligence led operations to combat illegal drugs. While there have been seizures of small amounts of 'crack cocaine' in the Blanchardstown District there is no evidence that it is becoming a significant problem in the area.'

However, the Garda report also revealed there had been seizures of the drug in Balbriggan in 2017, The report states: 'The report from Y-District advises that while there have been occasional seizures of cocaine during 2017 in the Balbriggan Garda District, there had been only two significant seizures of crack cocaine.

'The street value of the first was estimated to be in the region of €7,000 and it was part of a seizure with an estimate overall street value in the region of €18,000. The second significant seizure of crack cocaine had an estimated street value in the region of €1,000 and it was part of a seizure with an overall estimated value of €11,500.'

Elsewhere in North Dublin, the problem is growing, according to the report from the Garda Superintendent, which states: 'Crack Cocaine is becoming a very large problem in the R-District but it is mainly concentrated in the Coolock area.


Source: Fingal Independent, 03/03/18 

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