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Council to take action on discarded needles

Local authorities in South Dublin are to join forces in a bid to rid the area of discarded needles and other drugs paraphernalia.

The action will be taken by South Dublin County Council, alongside the local drugs task force, gardaí and community addiction services to address the problem.

Th issue was raised at a recent council meeting by Cllr Mark Ward (SF) who has described how locals have been concerned by the disposal of contaminated drug waste on private and public lands in the area.

According to Cllr Ward, discarded syringes and needles were removed by local addiction support centres but that increased insurance costs had impeded the service.

“The insurance to provide that service has gone from €2,000 per year to €10,000 per year,” Cllr Ward said. “The support centres have not received a funding rise in line with that so they just can’t continue with that service.

“That falls then on the council as a statutory body who are solely responsible for removing any drug paraphernalia around the area.

“Unfortunately, there has been gaps in times where the council hasn’t responded quickly enough to remove drug paraphernalia which is leaving needles in areas for three or four days in a row before they’re removed.


Source: Rachel Farrell, Dublin People, 02/03/18 

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