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Confusion remains over injection centre policing

Ireland's first ever drug injection centre is to open in the coming weeks but confusion still reigns over how it is to be policed.

The new facility in Dublin city centre will provide access to clean, sterile injecting equipment for drug users, in a bid to help reduce drug-related illnesses and deaths and give the users access to medical and social

Trained staff will be on hand to provide emergency care in the event of an overdose. Staff will also provide advice on treatment and rehabilitation.

Gardaí working in the area have essentially been told to turn a blind eye to people they believe to be in possession of small amounts of heroin as the people make their way to the centre, which is to be located at Merchants Quay in Dublin city.

The new law which governs the use of the centre says that gardaí should show “discretion” about who they target and how much could be considered for personal use.

Merchants Quay already provides a drop-in service, night cafe and other supports for people who are homeless and struggling with addiction issues in Dublin.

Its support centre is based at the Riverbank building on the quayside of the Liffey. The new injection centre is to run on an 18 month trial basis.

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Source: Garreth MacNamee, The, 05/03/18 

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