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Cocaine on all banknotes tested in study

Traces of cocaine were found on every single banknote tested in the west of Ireland as part of research into contaminated notes.

Research on traces of cocaine on banknotes in the west of Ireland has found on 100% of notes showed levels of the recreational drug.

Lower denominations of banknotes showed higher levels of the illegal substance, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) chemistry and forensic science lecturer Dr Philip White notes.

“Five euro and €10 notes had most prevalent traces,” Dr White, lead researcher in the study presented at a conference in Sligo yesterday said.

This is in contrast to previous studies of cocaine on banknotes in Britain and on the Irish east coast, where higher levels of the substance were found on higher banknote denominations.

As Dr White explained, students were despatched to a number of night clubs, pubs and other premises in and around Galway over the past two years with €50 banknotes, which they changed to obtain lower denominations.



Source: Lorna Siggins, The Irish Examiner, 21/01/20

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