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Service User Experience Survey

In 2017, the HSE Addiction Services developed a service user experience survey to assist in delivering on Theme 1 and Theme 4 of the National Standards for Safer Better Health.

Download the National Service User Experience Survey 2017

Theme 1 of the National Standards is Person-Centred Care and Support:

Person-centred care and support places Service Users at the centre of all that the service does. It does this by advocating for the needs of Service Users, protecting their rights, respecting their values, preferences and diversity and actively involving them in the provision of care. Person-centred care and support promotes kindness, consideration and respect for Service Users’ dignity, privacy and autonomy.

Theme 4 of the National Standards is Better Health and Wellbeing:

Services providing care and support have a unique opportunity to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of the population served. A high quality, safe and reliable service constantly looks for ways and opportunities to do this.

In preparation for the pilot of this survey, the questionnaire was evaluated using a variety of methods including self-administrating the Question Appraisal System (QAS 99), feedback from the people who use our services and other stakeholder consultation. The survey was then piloted in three diverse areas and amendments made accordingly.  Further information on the development of this survey can be found in the Service User Experience Survey National Report.  

It is intended that the service experience survey will:

1. Provide a baseline of people’s experience of your service
2. Inform service planning and identify priorities annually
3. Identify areas for quality improvement
4. Enhance the involvement of people who use your service in the development of the service
5. Enhance staff performance.


Download the information poster for display in your service in advance of the survey

Download the implementation plan for more information on conducting the survey in your service

Download the questionnaire

Download the template for collating your data

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