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COVID 19 Guidance for drug and alcohol support groups and treatment programmes

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact in Ireland and globally. Progress has been made on suppressing the virus due to the huge effort of our citizens. By working together, we have saved lives and limited the impact of the disease. We all must continue to do everything possible to avoid the virus spreading.

Covid-19 has created a time of uncertainty and anxiety for the Irish population. The restrictions on social interaction, the requirement for self-isolation and the restructuring of services, are particularly difficult for those accessing drug and alcohol services and supports.

The Department of Health have issued guidance on the safe operation of drug and alcohol support groups and treatment programmes is a complement to the Government plan for living with COVID-19, in particular levels 3 and 4. It also builds on COVID-19 resources for addiction services and guidance for vulnerable and at risk groups.

The guidance applies to the following drug and alcohol services

  • support and recovery groups for people and families who live with drug and alcohol addiction (including gambling addiction), eg self-help/fellowship groups, peer support,family/parent support
  • community projects providing services and supports for people who use drugs, eg drug rehabilitation CE programmes, harm reduction/advocacy training
  • treatment programmes (non-residential) for people with drug and alcohol addiction, eg counselling, stabilisation, therapeutic communities, aftercare


Download Guidance Document here


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