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Harm Reduction Advice and Coronavirus (COVID19)

The current COVID19 pandemic raises serious concerns for people who use drugs. 

As this is a new virus, we continue to learn about the impact it can have on people who use drugs. We know it is an extra risky time to use drugs and that drug use can lower a person’s immune system, making all drug using groups at greater risk of illness from the virus. 

Drug market changes

It's safer not to use drugs during this time. Please share our harm reduction information to help people reduce the harms.


1. Download HSE poster 'Drug advice.Do's and Don'ts' HERE

2. Download HSE/Department of Health 'Harm reduction advice for people who use drugs during the delay phase' HERE

3. Read information for club drug users via our article with Four Four Magazine  (12/03/20) 

4. Download 'Cannabid and You' for factual information about cannabis, withdrawl and how to reduce the harms HERE

Overdose and COVID-19

Don't be afraid to get medical help by calling 999/112 if you or a friend become unwell or feel suicidal after using drugs.Using drugs alone can be dangerous due to the risk of overdose and lack of emergency help.

Breathing concerns associated with COVID-19 can increase the risk of overdose for people who use opioids.

Information about overdose and COVID-19 can be found on our site here.

Additional information 

General harm reduction resources can be found here.

Get up to date advice and information on Coronavirus COVID 19 from the HSE, The HPSC and The Department of Health.

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The HSE and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) ask students to think about drug safety measures when using club drugs
Harm reduction messages from the #SaferStudentNights campaign.
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