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Crisscross research

About the Crisscross Project

The Crisscross project is a two year programme taking part across 5 EU countries – Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and Ireland. The project will be led in Ireland by the HSE National Social Inclusion Office.

The main goal of the Crisscross project is to respond to a number of intersectional issues relating to gender, behaviours and substance use in nightlife settings.The project aims to tackle gender-based violence in nightlife, leisure and socialization venues frequented young adults (18-24 years old) through the design, testing and evaluation of innovative pilots based on the behaviour change wheel methodology, with the aim to raise awareness, change attitudes and prevent GBV behaviours -including LGBTIphobia- linked to sexual violence and substance use.

The project will involve:

Irish research

The HSE National Social Inclusion Office will lead on conducting the Irish research and are currently looking for participants to take part in 3 focus groups based on peoples selected gender identity

  1. Cisgender-women (7 participants)
  2. Cisgender-men (7 participants)
  3. Trans and/or non-binary people (7 participants)

Focus group participants will be chosen randomly but with some factors in mind to ensure diversity is captured within the group.

The researchers will consider:

Following the focus group, we will provide participants with a voucher in exchange for their valuable participation in this research.


Register here if you wish to take part in one of the above focus groups

What topics will be discussed?

We appreciate that the topics discussed in this research may be difficult and could lead to discussions on experiences of harassment, violence or assault. We ask you to keep this in mind before considering participating and for you to decide if this is the right time for you to be involved in this type of discussion and if you are prepared to share your experience or listen to others experiences. We ask those who are feeling low or with mental health concerns at this time to consider if this is a suitable time to discuss these topics.

You will be shown a series of imagery, statistics and media headlines and asked to discuss the below topics

What is expected of me in the focus group?

Informed consent

If you are selected for the focus group, information will be shared with you called ‘Informed Consent’.

This will outline the process and topics covered to make sure you fully understand what you will take part in. You can make a choice to continue or not continue once you have read the informed consent form.You will be asked to return this form with your initials digitally as part of an email confirming that you understand the process and wish to continue to participate if you choose to do so.

Informed consent will be discussed again on the day of the focus group.

You can download the informed consent form here.


Gender-based violence refers to any type of harm that is perpetrated against a person or group or people because of their factual or perceived sex gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
LGBTQIA+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual. The plus sign symbolises many other identities included under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. The acronym LGBTI+ is used to refer to a broad community of people who have been historically marginalised due to their gender identify, sex characteristics or sexual orientation. When we talk about members of the LGBTQIA+ community we are referring people who identify with one (or more) identities included under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

Information and support

Need help now for domestic or gender based violence?

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