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Young people see drug dealing as ‘work’ to buy consumer goods

Intimidation and violence drives local drug markets and enables drug bosses to keep communities “insecure, fearful, and subordinate”, research shows.

The study says drug dealing is seen as a type of “work” among young people entangled in the trade, who view it as a means to buy consumer goods. The research, conducted by Dr Matt Bowden at Technological University Dublin, says there is hope and that young people are “open” to finding alternatives.

The study, commissioned by the Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign, involved interviews with social workers, youth workers, and drug activists in parts of Dublin. They told Dr Bowden of the “normalisation” of drug problems in communities.

The research found that “intimidation, violence, and threats” drive the drug economy in these areas. It says drug-related intimidation, including over debts owed, was key to how drug distribution networks were organised.

"Systemic intimidation is a critical experience for young people and their communities"

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Source: Cormac O'Keeffe, 30/04/19 

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