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HSE market research on drugs and drug information in Ireland

Are you interested in our work?

We are asking our followers to help us by sharing their knowledge and opinion as part of research that we are conducting with Spark Market Research. 

The research will look at knowledge, attitudes on drugs in Ireland, where people socialise, how people feel the HSE can improve information/support and which communication styles people prefer for drug resources.


The purpose of the market research is to help us develop and share drug-related information.

This work is divided into two parts:

1. Qualitative (online survey)
2. Quantitative work (direct feedback from people)

Online survey

  • We need people over the age of 18 years old who live in Ireland to take part in the online survey. We are encoraging a younger audience 18-40s.
  • The survey will take around 10-12 minutes
  • You will be asked a series of questions based on a number of themes. Following this you will be asked for feedback on different styles of social media images or drug awareness posters. 

We will ask about your knowledge and opinion on;

  • Drugs
  • Responses to drug use
  • Where you socialise (to compare how you prefer to receive drug information)
  • Where you prefer to receive information/support
  • How we can improve information/support provision in Ireland
  • Our work and how you would rate it compared to other resources
  • What design and communication styles you prefer to help the development of new resources (we want to know if we should provide less or more content and which image styles we should choose)

The aim of this work is to provide us with a snap shot of our followers opinions to help us tailor our resources for different groups in different settings.You will be asked to provide information regarding your age, work status and gender. You will not be asked questions which could identify you or questions regarding personal drug using behaviours.

We greatly appreciate your time and participation in this survey.

Take part HERE

If you have questions regarding this work please contact or 

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