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‘It took six officers to restrain him’: Psychoactive legal highs are creeping into Irish prisons

PSYCHOACTIVE SYNTHETIC DRUGS are being smuggled into Irish prisons in what is being described as a “worrying trend” by prison officers.

In one case in recent weeks, it took six prison officers to restrain one man who was convulsing on the ground and attacking officers who tried to come to his aid.
The once legal drug ‘Spice’ is also becoming an abused substance in Irish prisons. However, the effects of this drug leaves prisoners in docile state, although they are usually passed out or incomprehensible.

The synthetic cannabis has seen on the streets of Manchester which are now populated by ‘zombie-like’ Spice addicts and the trend has travelled across the Irish Sea and is becoming a serious issue for prison officers. However, it is not yet at the same scale which is seen in prisons in the UK.


Source: Garreth MacNamee, The, 14/05/17 

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