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HSE warns about bogus pills being sold over internet

Doctors are warning about the risk of overdose from bogus benzodiazepine pills which are being sold over the internet.

The HSE is warning drugs that look like the pills sometimes given to people for anxiety or depression and often sold on the black market are being made in illicit labs.

Today is World Overdose Day, and people are being asked to remember the more than 370 people who died of drug overdoses last year in Ireland.

Dr Eamon Keenan, clinical lead for the HSE's addiction services says people might think they are buying something medical-grade but they are at least as dangerous as heroin.

"You may not have to go to the dark web to get them, they could come in over the surface net," said Dr Keenan.

"They can be delivered. People are buying them because they look legitimate.

"Blister packs of these tablets worth up to €250,000 have been seized and they have been sold by dealers and bought then because people think they are legitimate because they look legitimate.

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Source: The Irish Examiner, 31/08/20

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