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Help inform drug campaigns and harm reduction services

The HSE are inviting you to take part in a study about drug use and harm reduction at festivals

The HSE have launched a new piece of research as part of their festival campaign.

'What are you taking' is a collaboration between the HSE National Social Inclusion Office and Trinity College Dublin. The study aims to investigate drug trends harm reduction practices among Irish festival attendees.

Drug and alcohol use in nightlife settings such as festivals is linked to health and social problems. International trends show that club drug users face increased risks associated with high purity ecstasy pills and cocaine, as well as adulterants appearing in substances without consumers knowing.

At present, there is limited evidence highlighting drug trends and harm reduction practices among Irish music festival attendees. There is also limited information to identify if Irish young people attend events and consume drugs in other countries, where drug trends and dosages may be different.

This research will ask about festival drug trends, health and sexual well-being, preferred music genres, and if people would use drug testing facilities at festivals.

Dr Jo-Hanna Ivers, Assistant Professor in Addiction, Trinity College Dublin highlights the importance in researching drug use at festivals:

“Music festivals are a massive part of Irish and European culture, and club drugs are a dominant part of the festival experience for many. Nevertheless, given the high turnover of new drugs and the environment that these substances are taken in, the risk of overdose is high. However, few studies have consulted with festival goers around this issue.  The current study is the first of its kind in an Irish context and one of few internationally. The study will provide key insights into attitudes towards use and need for harm reduction measures”

Taking part in this research will help us to understand festival drug trends and will be used to inform future harm reduction campaigns and services in Ireland.

Participate here

If you require further information, please contact Nicki Killeen:

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