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No plans to legalise cannabis, Harris insists

The health minister has rejected claims by senior doctors that Ireland is recklessly sliding towards the general legalisation of cannabis.

Simon Harris was responding to claims by the newly-formed Cannabis Risk Alliance (CRA) that moves to legalise medicinal cannabis will act as a gateway for the introduction of the legalised supply and sale of the drug for recreational purposes.

The CRA, formed by GPs, addiction specialists, and psychiatrists, is staunchly opposed to general legalisation, arguing that “there has been a gross failure to communicate to the people of Ireland the harms which are being caused by cannabis”.

Mr Harris said in response that there were “no plans” for the general legalisation of cannabis.

“It is important the department’s work on medicinal cannabis is not misinterpreted as decriminalising or legalising access to controlled drugs, promoting the use of cannabinoids or diminishing the harms associated with illicit cannabis use,” said a department statement.

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Source: Caroline O'Doherty, The Irish Examiner, 22/05/19 

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