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Action on Alcohol Week 2015 launches

Action on Alcohol Week takes place throughout the country from 20th–24th April 2015. This iniative aims to raise awareness of the critical need to reduce alcohol consumption and the widespread harm that excessive drinking causes in Ireland today.

Commenting on the Week, Kieran Doherty, CEO, the Alcohol Forum said:

“We know that approximately 88 deaths every month in Ireland are directly attributable to alcohol. In communities throughout our country, over consumption of alcohol is affecting every age group, causing, social disorder, the break-up of families, harm to our children, lack of productivity in the workplace and significant strain on and expense to our health system.   Action on Alcohol Week is an initiative that puts our communities and most importantly our young people first with the aim of changing our harmful relationship with alcohol to make this country a safer and healthier place for our young people.”

Throughout the week international experts on alcohol harm will speak at a series of events including:

Alcohol Related and Brain Injury (ARBI) Best Practice Seminar – Monday 20th April.
This seminar, hosted by Dr Helen McMonagle, will highlight the growing numbers of people affected by a type of brain damage caused by alcohol misuse, a condition which is on the rise in Ireland.  International and National experts will meet with Irish professionals in the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin to discuss how this condition can be best prevented, treated and rehabilitated in Ireland.  The Alcohol Forum will also launch two newly developed resources “Alcohol-Related Brain Injury-A Guide for Families” and “Alcohol-Related Brain Injury – A Guide for Professionals”.  “The event represents an important step in raising professional and public awareness of the condition. Very few people are aware of the link between alcohol misuse and lasting brain changes” says Dr Helen McMonagle. See for details

Girls, Women and Alcohol: The changing nature of female alcohol consumption in Ireland – Tuesday, 21st April.
Alcohol Action Ireland will host  a conference where experts will examine the factors influencing the culture of drinking among Irish girls and women, the health risks involved, as well as what is needed to bring positive change to the current situation. Speakers include Ann Dowsett Johnston, author and alcohol policy advocate: Dr Orla Crosbie, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Cork University Hospital; Katherine Brown, Director, Institute of Alcohol Studies, UK, and Clíona Saidléar, Executive Director, Rape Crisis Network of Ireland.

The Alcohol Forum Conference  - Wednesday 22nd April.
The third Alcohol Forum Conference will address “The Best Available Evidence Supporting the Implementation of Local Solutions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Harms”. Opening Address by Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar.  Speakers include alcohol marketing expert, Prof David Jernigan. This event is open to the public as well as members of the local authorities, charities, community and voluntary groups, treatment service providers, schools, colleges, businesses and members of the medical profession. “Let’s Talk About Drugs" National Youth Media Awards Ceremony – Friday 24th April.
The 'Let's Talk about Drugs' National Youth Media Awards is an annual competition which encourages discussion of drug-related issues by inviting young people to produce a piece of original content relating to drug and/or alcohol use. The 2015 awards ceremony takes place as part of Action on Alcohol Week 2015. 

Click here for a listing of the events taking place around Ireland for Action on Alcohol Week 2015.

For further information on the Alcohol Forum Conference and Action on Alcohol Week visit: ¦ ¦

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