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600 heroin addicts in Cork as the debate over needle bins continues

There are now more than 600 heroin addicts in Cork city, a senior garda has confirmed.

The extent of the heroin problem was revealed amid opposition to the introduction of needle bins in some parts of the city.

Chief Superintendent Barry McPolin said the syringe bins were needed as part of an overall strategy to deal with heroin usage in Cork. He confirmed the number of heroin addicts has risen to 600 in the city. Defending the use of the bins along Wellington Road, Chief Supt McPolin said several agencies were working on a strategy to reduce risks to the public from exposed needles by offering heroin addicts a safe way to dispose of syringes.

He said that they were using a multi-agency response to the issue with Gardaí and the HSE working together on the problem. “There are a lot of wise heads working on the issue,” he said.

City councillor Joe Kavanagh said he had spoken to a lot of residents in the Wellington Road area and many were opposed to the bins.

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Source: Eveing, 19/12/17 

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