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113 babies born addicted to or affected by drugs in 2018

Hospitals recorded a baby born either addicted to or severely affected by alcohol or drugs 113 times last year.

This represents one case every three days, which experts say includes a sharp rise in homeless pregnancy cases.

New figures obtained by RTÉ News under the Freedom of Information Act show the scale of Ireland's drug addiction problems and how it is affecting innocent babies from birth.

According to the figures, which are the latest available, during 2018 hospitals across the country recorded 113 instances of a newborn baby being recorded as suffering from complications caused by their mother's substance misuse.

The 113 cases last year, which in some cases involve a baby born with multiple substance issues, include:

  • 77 addicted to illegal drugs their mother was using
  • 20 affected by illegal drugs
  • less than five addicted to legal drugs
  • nine affected by legal drugs
  • and less than five affected by alcohol misuse

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Source:, 02/12/19 

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