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How Recovery Coaches are managing lockdown through the COVID crisis

The Recovery Academy of Ireland, with the support of the HSE and the North East Inner City Programme Implementation Board, recently completed a Recovery Coach training programme. The participants had just begun their placements in services when COVID-19 restrictions were put into place.

The Recovery Coaches have come together to share with other people in recovery what impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on their own recovery and how they are managing during the lockdown.

Sandra Losty, who supports the Reovery Coaches, said of the group:

““When crisis meets people in recovery you can be guaranteed that something beneficial comes from that interaction. It was my pleasure to work with this group of Recovery Coaches in a supporting capacity during the Covid 19 crisis to help them refresh the recovery coaching training material. It was quite humbling to see how much concern and care there was for each other while managing their own situations, very beautiful acts of recovery in action.

It was only because they were honest and open with each other about just how ‘lock down’ was impacting them personally, that this idea arose. As trained recovery coaches, who better than they themselves to support each other at this time and through their generosity of spirt it is no surprise that the question arose, if it helped them, could it help others?

They are truly, wonderful examples, of how to step up to the mark, in the middle of a pandemic.

I am honoured to have walked along side this group as they turned their own struggles into practical and accessible solutions for others. The recovery space is richer for them.”

The document the Recovery Coaches have produced is a honest and personal account of the impact of the pandemic on the lives of Siobhan, Donna, Jackie, Declan, Stephen, Helen and Charles. They share their experience and their suggestions on how to manage recovery and daily life through this very difficult time.

You can access their document here.

Thank you to the Recovery Coaches and the Recovery Academy of Ireland for sharing this wonderful resource.

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