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Smoke Category: Headshop Drugs

Such as: mayan, smoke 2.

How it’s used

These are mixtures of herbs which are sold as an alternative to cannabis. Previous to the recent governement ban on a number of substances sold in head shops, many had been found to be laced with synthetic cannabinoids, which are compounds like cannabis. One of these, JHW-018, was found in some legal highs in Ireland and other European countries. The list of ingredients on the package has not always been found to be the same as the contents found in lab tests. The effects listed below are known to be associated with 'smoke' type substances sold in head shops. We shall update this page in light of any further developments.

Short-term effects

Long-term effects

Other dangers

If you are pregnant

Do not use if you are pregnant as we don’t know enough about the risks to your baby.


You can become addicted to these.

How long does it stay in your system?

There is no urine test for these yet.

What help is available?

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