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2C-B and other 2 C drugs Category: Psychedlics

Also called: bromo, nexus, CB, 2-CT-7: T-7, 7-up and tripstacy.

'2C' is a general name given to a group of  drugs that are psychedelic but can also cause stimulant effects . Drugs from this group can include, but are not limited to 2C-B, 2C-C, 2C-P, 2C-E and 2C-I.

2C-B is the most commonly known drug from the large 2C family of compounds. The strenght and effects will vary among each drug in this group.

How it is used

2C-B is normally sold as pills or powders, with pills having different colours and logos similar to ecstasy. 2C-B can be swallowed, snorted and less commonly smoked. 2C drugs can also be found in liquid form but at present this is less common. 


Drugs can impact each person differently, below are common effects and risks.

Other risks


There's very little information available about dependency and 2C type drugs.

Dutch Red Alert 2021

You can never be fully sure of the contents. In April 2021, the Dutch Drug Monitoring and Information System (DIMS) issued an alert regarding 2CB. This does not guarentee the contents or safety of drugs available on the Irish market but provides a recent example of substances of concern which can emerge. 

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