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What is recovery and how to promote and sustain recovery

Drug recovery is sometimes known as ‘rehabilitation’ and will be a different process for each person.

Individuals recovering from substance use are unique, and their pathways into, and through, recovery can be highly personal. Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation. How a person lives in and sustains recovery will be defined by them.

The principals of recovery are:

  1. There are many pathways to recovery
  2. Recovery is self-directed and empowering
  3. Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation
  4. Recovery is holistic
  5. Recovery has cultural dimensions
  6. Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and wellness
  7. Recovery emerges from hope and gratitude
  8. Recovery involves a process of healing and self-redefinition
  9. Recovery involves addressing discrimination and transcending shame and stigma
  10. Recovery is supported by peers and allies
  11. Recovery involves (re)joining and (re)building a life in the community
  12. Recovery is a reality

The Recovery Academy Ireland is a co-operative whose members promote and champion the concept of recovery. The Recovery Academy believes that people can move from a dependence on addiction services to a life of fulfilment, wellbeing and full participation in society

Learn about their work here

How to promote and sustain recovery

Individuals that are in recovery can be part of communities or groups that are supporting recovery, however, often individuals particularly those that are 2 years or more into their journey are less connected with supports in their community. Thus, as service providers, advocacy groups, institutes of education, there are a number of things we can do to support recovery from the individual, community and broader society.

This support includes:

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