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Update: HSE pilot back of house monitoring this weekend

The HSE continues to work with An Garda Siochana in relation to the Pilot Back of House Drug Monitoring project at Electric Picnic this weekend.

The Garda have not stated that they will arrest anyone attending the medical or HSE tent and they will not be in these spaces unless required for issues such as public safety.

Within the Medical tents and the HSE Harm Reduction tents, there will be ‘Surrender’ bins at Electric Picnic where people may choose to dispose of illicit substances.

The Garda will not be present in the medical tent or the HSE Harm Reduction tent unless there is a specific public order risk. They will not be monitoring people attending these services and it is important to note that people attending may do so for many other reasons.

This proposal has always been for a 'Back of House' testing approach to inform the HSE in relation to extra risky substances and monitor drug trends. If an extra risky substance is identified on analysis, this information will be relayed to attendees at the festival in order to reduce harms.

There is a lot of misinformation being circulated that may result in young people being afraid to attend for help.


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Source: HSE National Social Inclusion Office 

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