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People in Ireland drink, on average, the equivalent of 40 bottles of vodka a year

Every person over the age of 15 in Ireland drinks, on average, more than 10 litres of alcohol per year, according to new research.

The Health Research Board (HRB) has found that while alcohol consumption levels in Ireland have plateaued since 2013, people’s consumption remains “significantly higher” than the government’s 2020 target of no more than 9.1 litres of pure alcohol per person a year.

Figures released today show that in 2019, on average, every person in Ireland aged 15 and over drank 10.8 litres of pure alcohol a year – the equivalent of either 40 bottles of vodka, 113 bottles of wine or 436 pints of beer.

As one in four people in Ireland don’t drink at all, actual consumption rates among those who do drink would be much higher than this.

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Source: Órla Ryan,The, 15/04/21

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