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The Quality Standards Support Project: Frequently Asked Questions


What does QuADS Organisational Standards stand for? 
Quality in Alcohol and Drugs Services Organisational Standards.

What are QuADS Organisational Standards?
A quality standards framework for drug and alcohol services. The standards are divided into: Core Management Standards; Core Service User Charter Standards; Core Care Standards; Service Specific Standards; and Target Group Standards.

Where can I get the QuADS Organisational Standards manual? 
You can download the QuADS Organisational Standards manual at our QuADS Organisational Standards Section.

Where do I find out how to use the QuADS Organisational Standards Manual?
In the ‘How to use’ section at the beginning of the Manual.

I work in a small specialised drug/alcohol service. Can I still use QuADS Organisational Standards?
Yes. Simply review, work towards, and assess the standards applicable to your service.

Can I use the QuADS Organisational Standards Manual to review quality standards in my organisation? 
Yes. The Manual is intended as a guide to quality standards and a review tool for organisations to assess quality standards in their organisation.

Can other organisations, such as my funders, use the QuADS Organisational Standards Manual to assess quality standards in my organisation? 
Yes. Your funders may request that you adopt QuADS Organisational Standards in your organisation, and may assess your progress using the Manual.

My organisation is implementing the National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework. Does the Rehab Framework replace the QuADS Organisational Standards? 
No. The National Drugs Rehabilitation Framework and the QuADS Organisational Standards complement each other. QuADS Organisational Standards reference the Rehab Framework National Protocols and Common Assessment Guidelines where applicable in the standards.

I downloaded and adapted all the templates in the policy template library. Does this mean I fulfil all the QuADS Organisational Standards?
No. The policy template library is a useful resource but is not part of the QuADS Organisational Standards. Policies are evidence that a standard has been meet where applicable. Other evidence in the form of procedures, protocols, guidelines, systems and structures can also be provided as evidence of a standard being met where appropriate.

If I successfully meet all the QuADS Organisational Standards, do I get certification or a compliance award?
No. The Health Service Executive has not mandated any third party organisation to provide certification or a compliance award in relation to QuADS.

Where can I source other frameworks, guidelines and codes of practice?

Check out the links section.

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