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The Funky Seomra: Alcohol and drug-free nightclub in Ireland

David Mooney, Funky SeomraHarmful drinking

There has been a significant amount of media coverage in recent weeks relating to harmful patterns of alcohol consumption in Ireland.

While this issue is never far from the media’s attention, a considerable amount of the recent coverage has come on the back of the long-awaited report published by the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group.

This report makes a number of recommendations aimed at tackling the damage caused to society, and individuals, through the misuse of alcohol in Ireland.


Much of the recent media coverage has focused on some of the more ‘controversial’ recommendations contained within the report, in particular: drinks industry sponsorship of sport and other large public events in Ireland to be phased out through legislation by2016; the introduction of a legislative basis for minimum pricing per gram of alcohol; alcohol advertising restrictions; and a ‘social responsibility’ levy on the drinks industry.

Alcohol-free venues

A less controversial recommendation contained within the report is ‘to encourage the provision of alcohol-free venues for young people.’

As noted in the report, a key theme to emerge from the public consultation meetings undertaken in the development of the National Drugs Strategy (interim) 2009–2016  was 'the importance of access to drug-free and alcohol-free recreational facilities in order to provide alternative outlets for young people.'

Funky Seomra

While the encouragement of drug-free and alcohol-free venues did not garner as much media attention as other recommendations, we have taken the opportunity to highlight the efforts of one initiative already supporting this recommendation. This initiative is The Funky Seomra.

The Funky Seomra is an Irish-based alcohol and drug-free nightclub.


Since its inception in Dublin's Cultivate Center in 2007, the event has grown in popularity, and as a result, it has moved across town to a larger venue: to the RDS Concert Hall.

Visitors to the Funky Seomra can expect all the usual trappings a typical nightclub has to offer: music; dance floor; lights; visual effects; refreshments; chill out areas; cloakroom; and party atmosphere.

The most discernible difference between 'The Seomra' and its licensed counterparts is, you guessed it, the lack of alcohol on sale!


To help spread the ‘Funky’ word, we have produced a short Funky Seomra video feature. This feature includes footage taken at the last Funky Seomra event in Dublin, and an interview with David Mooney, one of the Funky Seomra founders. 


Further information

The next Funky Seomra event is on Paddy's Day, March 17th 2012,  RDS, Dublin.

For more information check out:


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