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Powders Category: Headshop Drugs

Such as: White Columbia, Raz, Amplified, Extreme Stardust, Sn*berry and Pure NRG.

How it’s used

Many head shop drugs / new psychoactive substances had been found to contain cathinones. Cathinones are chemical stimulants (‘uppers’). They were often listed as ketones on packet ingredients. When you take cathinones, your body produces cathine and norpseudoephedrine, which are similar to amphetamine and adrenaline. The effects listed below are known to be associated with these 'powder' type substances sold in head shops. Products and substances that have appeared include, White Columbia, Raz, Amplified, Extreme Stardust, Sn*berry, Snowblow, Pure NRG, PMA, PMMA, MPDV, Naphyrone. 

Short-term effects

Long-term effects

Other dangers

If you are pregnant

Do not use if you are pregnant as we don’t know enough about the risks to your baby.


You can’t become physically addicted but you may become compulsive and can’t control your use. This can lead to psychological dependence so you feel you can’t cope without it.

How long does it stay in your system?

No urine test for this yet

What help is available?

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