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Pills Category: Headshop Drugs

Such as: Energy, Entrophy, Go E.

How it’s used

Since BZP was made illegal, a number of piperazine products came on the market. Up until the recent government ban in Ireland, the chemical mCPP was found in pills sold here. mCPP has similar effects to MDMA (ecstasy). Another popular substance was TFMPP, which is reported to have weak hallucinogenic effects. The effects listed below are known to be associated with these 'pill' type substances sold in head shops. Products that have appeared since the recent ban include, Energy, Entrophy, Go E. After testing, compounds found in these 'post-ban' substance are Dimethylamylamine (DMAA); Fluorotropacocaine (2-PEA); Hordenine; Caffeine; and Glaucine. We shall update this page in light of any further developments.

Other stimulant-type substances (‘uppers’)

Aminoindanes are a short acting stimulant (‘upper’) found in products such as pink champagne and high doses of caffeine. 5HTP(5-hydroxytryptophan) is found in griffonia seed extract. Methylhexanamine is found in geranium extract. Both of these ingredients are found in the product ‘Trance’.

Short-term effects

Long-term effects

Other dangers

If you are pregnant

Do not use if you are pregnant as we don’t know enough about the risks to your baby.


All drugs can become habit forming

How long does it stay in your system?

No urine test for this yet

What help is available?

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