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Standard Drinks Information

Measuring drinks

When we drink an alcoholic beverage, there are so many variables that it is difficult to keep track of how much alcohol we are consuming. Glasses, cans and bottles come in different sizes. Different drinks contain different percentages of alcohol. The simplest way to measure your intake of alcohol is in Standard Drinks.

What is a Standard Drink?

In Ireland a Standard Drink has about 10 grams of pure alcohol in it. In the UK a Standard Drink, also called a unit of alcohol, has about 8 grams of pure alcohol.

Standard Drinks

Here are some examples of a standard drink:

  • A pub measure of spirits (35.5ml)
  • A small glass of wine (12.5% volume)
  • A half pint of normal beer
  • An alcopop (275ml bottle)

A Standard Drink is a drink that contains 10g of pure alcohol.
(10g is the weight of about 12.7 ml of pure alcohol)

In Ireland at present, bottles and cans do not indicate the number of Standard Drinks they contain. So, if you want to know how much you are drinking, you need to know how many standard drinks are in a typical bottle or glass.

Standard drinks guide

A rough guide to standard drinks is as follows:

The Drink The Strength The Amount Number of Standard Drinks
Beer/Larger/Stout Normal Strength Half pint 1
500 ml can
Strong (7%) Half pint 1.5
500 ml can
Cider 6% Pint
500 ml
Wine 12.5% Quarter bottle
14% 750ml bottle 8.5
Spirits (Vodka,Whiskey,Gin,etc.) 40% 750ml bottle 24
40% Single measure in a pub (35ml) 1
Alcopops   275ml bottle 1
Shots 40% 35.5ml 1.1
Glass of Champagne 15% proof 150ml 1.8
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