Information architecture prototype: Online alcohol screening/brief intervention resource

In the last quarter of 2011, will launch an online alcohol screening/brief intervention resource.

The purpose of this prototype is to map: (a) user route(s) through the resource - dependent on which answers are provided at the various stages; (b) the necessary level of information to be presented at each stage; (c) how this information might best be presented at the various stages; (d) the level of any interactive functionality required at various stages.

This prototype is not a proposed design solution, not has it any actual interactive functionality built in. The prototype has been produced by the resource sponsors to begin to examine information architecture requirements, content delivery and interactive functionality.

The finished resource will be housed within the website, where user will be able to access further information relating to alcohol use, including, but not limited to: (a) tips for reducing drinking; (b) goal setting; (c) drinks diary; (d) how alcohol affects the body; (e) how alcohol affects the mood; (f) alcohol and pregnancy; (g) the stages of alcohol use; (h) young people and alcohol; (i) looking for help.

Usability of the resource will be a key factor in determining it's sucess. Click here for usability information.

If required, further iterations of this prototype will be developed; with the final version being provided to the developers.

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