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Government to announce location for first supervised injection centre

After months of delays, the Government is set to announce its proposed location for the country’s first supervised injection centre.

The plan was approved by the Dáil in March – and it was originally hoped it would be up and running by the end of 2017.

It was delayed however, when Dublin City Council ruled that planning permission would be required before any of its own properties could be re-purposed for on-site drug taking.

This morning the Minister of State for Drug Strategy, Catherine Byrne told Newstalk that she now expects to announce a proposed location for the first pilot facility in Dublin city Centre by Friday at the latest.

“I am hoping by next week that we will have the decision on where it is going to be located and it will be announced then,” she said.

“We will try and move along as quickly as we can.

“There are still concerns that planning permission may be needed and that is something further that we will have to look into but we will cross that barrier when we get there.”

The plan aims to take drug use off the streets and provide a safe medical environment for users.


Source: Michael Staines,, 06/01/18

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