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Addicts injecting in subhuman conditions, senior Garda says

Heroin addicts are injecting the drug in “subhuman conditions” and mooted supervised injecting rooms would help to bring that to an end, a senior Garda has said.

Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy, who is in charge of policing in the Dublin region, said he had recently been at a funeral where a mother was burying a third child who had died as a result of heroin addiction.

He said the force supported injecting facilities for addicts, or any other measure that would help to save lives.

Speaking at a meeting of Dublin City Council’s joint policing committee on Tuesday, Mr Leahy told councillors he accepted there was an issue about how the Garda would deal with those carrying heroin, which is illegal, to a State-run facility specifically for injecting the drug.

“People are afraid of what we are doing, it is a whole new venture,” he said of the injecting rooms, a HSE project supported by the Government.

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Source: Conor Lally, The Irish Times, 09/05/18 

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